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    Tips for Choosing a Good Stock Portfolio

    October 6, 2017



    Knowing how to select the stocks in which to invest is fundamental to achieving greater profitability. This is because the impact of these decisions on your financial freedom is very large, especially in the long run.


    So, I’ll help you choose a good stock portfolio. And show what you should be aware of when evaluating the performance of companies before investing.

    The objective is to identify institutions that demonstrate growth over the years and that surpass the Bovespa Index. After all, the average of this indicator corresponds to the most traded shares on the stock exchange. But among them, there are also many corporate assets that are not well. That is, a greater negotiation does not mean a greater profit.

    It is important to know that stocks that have a good outcome, even with write-offs during periods of crisis, recover quickly. And in this post, you’ll see this and a few more practical examples of companies that make good investments and those that you should keep away from. Check it:


    Important Questions for Choosing a Good Stock Portfolio


    When stocks go up without stopping, even after a downturn, they evidence the solidity of the corporation. Already when they fall a lot, but the company is financially healthy – profit (and revenue) are growing and the result, in numbers, only improves – there are excellent opportunities to buy assets at a great price.

    These are two major guidelines that you need to consider when choosing a good portfolio of stocks. When the company grows, so does its quotations. While in times of crisis in the financial market, even good companies fall because of panic. But, this may be the chance to achieve quite satisfactory profits up there.

    Focus on the long run.

    The bag has a rising and falling natural, is part of its nature. In this way, look at the downturns as a propitious moment to buy good stocks for a price more in account. Review their history and give preference to those that took up to 1 year to rebuild. Good assets recover easily.

    And for this particular post, our columnist Gustavo Rigon, who also specializes in Stock Exchange, gave a green light to quality companies, market leaders, with a great history and duly priced (expensive). Follow our signs and see what the best or worst market opportunities in the topic to follow.


    Green sign: companies worth investing in


    WEG: If you are looking for a conservative company, and you will not be disappointed, this is WEG. Possibly, this is the best company in the country. It manages to deliver results, year after year, even when competing with world giants. The problem is the price: who is a partner of hers hardly “burns” their stocks at a banana price. Price volatility is minimal and at some point the opportunity to buy WEG assets for R $ 15: Buy!


    MDIA3: M. Dias Branco is awesome! It dominates the northeast and has been growing exponentially in the rest of the country as well. It’s the ONLY food business really good. When a specialist suggests buying Brfoods or JBS do the following: compare any callsign with MDIA3. I guarantee the food giants will seem like a big bad joke.


    LREN3: Renner stores are by far the most prominent institution in their sector. A kind of Banco Itaú retail with a spectacular management. What’s even more astonishing is the commitment to constantly reinventing yourself to stay ahead of your competitors. Even having already conquered this place.


    ITUB4: The most attractive company in the stock market and the final point. It is a kind of market consensus. And I confess that I have an aversion to this kind of statement because 99% of the time it is wrong. However, in relation to Itaú it is very unlikely that it is. It is, to me, the most obvious call of the Bovespa and it does not have to be a genius to realize it. Itaú is not only the most profitable bank in Brazil, it is also the world’s bank. The only one acceptable to have in your wallet. Besides it, it would be Bradesco – which is already years light ago. And the trend is this income gap only increase between the two institutions.