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    Why do not people achieve financial independence?

    October 6, 2017

    What is financial independence?


    Financial independence is to be able to live on indefinite income. The idea is simple: to accumulate equity, whether in real estate, stocks, trading or another type of investment that guarantees return.

    For example, you have R $ 1 million in real estate that yields R $ 8 thousand in rent per month and a cost of living less than R $ 8 thousand monthly, ready: you are free! You can live another 50 years to live on income from your real estate, working when you want and if you want.

    Everyone wants to have enough money to realize their dreams and goals, but why do not most individuals get there?

    What are the main difficulties?


    There are several limiting factors for most people to even take seriously the possibility of investing. Are they:

    Limiting Beliefs
    Many people have beliefs that make it impossible to start making investments. These are thoughts like, “I gain little”; “I did not have the opportunity to study enough to have a better career”; “I was not born with a gift to start a business and get rich,” among other forms of self-sabotage.

    These beliefs are very strong in Brazil and in the least developed countries. Many people believe that being financially independent is achievable only for those who have a special gift or for those who live in a country that offers more facilities, but this is not true. Those who have never invested in life can learn, after a few weeks of studying, what are the best options to invest in today.




    You need to get out of the comfort zone to achieve financial independence. To really get there, there’s no way: you’re going to have to learn how to invest. A lot of people are scared because they imagine making the investments the right way is difficult to learn and too risky to try.

    This fear paralyzes and she ends up not going after information and doing nothing. It really is risky if you do not know the correct method, but it’s not that complicated to learn and it’s worth it.


    Lack of a goal


    What would you do with five, ten, twenty times more money a month? Your dream is to buy a property? A boat? Traveling abroad every vacation? Take the family to a resort twice a year? No matter your choice, the bottom line is to have a goal.

    From the moment you visualized the benefits to your quality of life and which becomes a priority for you to be financially free, you will strive to set aside a percentage of your salary to make these investments.

    Visualizing a goal to be achieved becomes much more palpable to make efforts to achieve it. Your motivation to learn, to save money will make it happen.




    It is precisely because of lack of knowledge that people end up making investments that are not good, and opting for solutions such as savings or private pension. They end up doing risky operations, imagining that these investments are conservative and miss the chance to put their money into alternatives that guarantee much more financial return.

    From the moment you learn a few methods you just have to start following it, to gradually improve your knowledge to have excellent results in the financial market.




    Pushing the decision to invest with the belly will never lead you to the goal. It’s no use thinking “when I have enough money, I invest,” because that day never comes if you do not take the first step out of the comfort zone, as I said up there.

    It is fundamental to schedule to reserve a value within your possibilities to invest per month. It could be $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000 … it does not matter, as long as you’re committed to the cause of making money and achieving your financial independence.