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    Netflix shares traded at $ 200 for the first time in history

    October 16, 2017


    Netflix plans and strategies to win more market are pleasing the market and its investors. Proof of this is that on Friday morning (13), the company’s papers were traded for $ 200 for the first time in history.


    The high follows the disclosure of expectations of Goldman Sachs in relation to the numbers that Netflix should present next week. According to the financial group, the streaming platform should report earnings higher than projected for both the third and fourth quarter of the current fiscal year.

    Goldman Sachs forecasts, of course, left the stock market euphoric and in the early hours of trading today, Netflix’s shares jumped to a record $ 200 mark. Interestingly, the record comes just days after the service announce an increase in the value of signatures in the United States.

    Outside, the basic plan will go from $ 9.99 to $ 10.99 monthly; while the most complete, allowing 4K transmissions, goes from $ 11.99 to $ 13.99. Here in Brazil, the last Netflix price readjustment occurred in July of this year.

    Ao término do pregão desta sexta-feira (13), ações da Netflix eram negociadas a US$ 199,49


    Although the news did not sound right in the ears of consumers, it pleased Wall Street, as was evident on Friday morning. At the time this news is written, Netflix shares ended the daily trading session of the New York Stock Exchange and traded at $ 199.49 – up 1.85% from the previous day.