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Know the most common types of trading on the market

  Before starting in the financial market it is very important to be familiar with the various types of trading. Whether it’s Day, Swing or Position Trade and even medium and long term trading (Buy & Hold). These terms may … Continue reading

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How to take advantage of opportunities in times of crisis

  The weapon to overcome the crisis   And how to thrive in the face of an economic crisis? Its main weapon for this is knowledge. You can, in many ways, take advantage of the crisis to make investments. Be … Continue reading

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Why do not people achieve financial independence?

What is financial independence?   Financial independence is to be able to live on indefinite income. The idea is simple: to accumulate equity, whether in real estate, stocks, trading or another type of investment that guarantees return. For example, you … Continue reading

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Mental control investments: learn how to use Biofeedback

    In other posts I’ve talked about this, but it’s worth remembering: just as important as learning how the market works is having the mental control of investments and knowing how not to let emotions hurt trading in the … Continue reading

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How to Learn Forex: 9 Steps to Being a Successful Trader

  ¬†With the economic instability of the financial market, people have increasingly sought more profit alternatives than fixed income. You may have noticed that even with the permanent crisis, there are those who can achieve above-average gains.   Whether by … Continue reading

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