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    Facebook shares have worse results since November

    October 21, 2017


    Facebook shares suffered a 4.5% decline over the course of Monday’s trading session (25), reaching the worst result since November last year. It was a tumultuous day, marked by the return of Mark Zuckerberg to the post of CEO, from which he was away on parental leave, and for the resolution of conflicts at the hands of the company’s founder himself.


    At the center of the tensions that have led to an apparent reduction in investor reliability are political and control issues of the company. First, the news that Facebook delivered to the US Congress last Thursday (21), data on three thousand ads made on the platform during last year’s elections, supposedly made from false profiles based in Russia.

    It is a collaboration between the social network and the ongoing investigations into possible Kremlin interference in the results that led Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. The social network is constantly cited in this process as one of the great vectors of manipulation of public opinion in an operation orchestrated by hackers working under Russian government funding to control the outcome of the American elections.


    At the same time, a lawsuit filed by investors who were concerned about the devaluation of their shares by the issuance of new Class C shares, which generate income, but did not give the owners the right to vote, also came to an end. For the claimants, the separation of decision-making power and economic interests would be damaging to the company – since the proposal would further increase the company’s capital, but without its founder and CEO reducing its own control.

    As part of the deal, the CEO gave up the plan to open new shares. Instead, it has promised to sell between $ 35 million and $ 75 million of its own quotas over the next 18 months to finance the operation of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization that uses technology to address social issues such as bureaucracy in use of public services and the difficulty of access to information in emerging countries.

    For analysts, Facebook’s growing involvement in the investigation of the 2016 US election can be viewed with a vengeance by the White House. Given Donald Trump’s revengeful impetus, this could mean a reduction in federal support for the social network and a possible increase in scrutiny of norms and regulations.

    In addition, a dilution of the very amount of stock also got bad for the market. Usually, the possession of a fair amount of quotas by executives of the same company would be a sign that everything is going well and there is trust in the future, whereas the opposite, as announced by Zuckerberg in response to the process, is seen in the opposite direction. The news that the CEO was willing to dilute his own share to focus on his own initiatives did not go very well.

    It also did not help the fact that the entire technology market hit low this week. The Nasdaq index closed 0.9 percent lower on Thursday, while Standard & Poor’s 500 daily stock index also closed down 1.4 percent on Monday.

    Despite the fall, there is no reason for red alert. For experts, the fall in share prices was accompanied by a transaction volume three times greater than the last 30 days for Facebook, with a balanced operation between sale and purchase. This means that there is interest and the movement represents more the market readjusting than a mass exit of investors worried about the future of the social network.


    Spotify would have been valued at $ 16 billion in private deals

    October 21, 2017

    According to Reuters sources, private deals with Spotify shares would be evaluating the music streaming company at approximately $ 16 billion, further boosting the expectation of an initial IPO next year.


    That figure is about $ 3 billion higher than what was revealed by the talks that took place in June. Responsible for this would be the high demand for the company’s shares, in addition to the increase in the number of paid subscribers. When the Swedish company decides to open its capital, it is estimated that it will be worth at least $ 20 billion.

    Spotify, which already has more than 140 million active users, plans to present its public offering plan to regulators by the end of 2017, with the aim of being listed until the second quarter of 2018. The company did not comment on the subject matter.


    Apple shares fall 1.5% due to low demand for iPhone 8

    October 21, 2017

    Apple posted a 1.5% decline in its shares shortly before the start of Thursday’s trading session (19). According to Reuters, the negative result may be justified, in large part, due to investor concern about


    Apple shares fall 1.5% due to low demand for iPhone 8


    Apple posted a 1.5% decline in its shares shortly before the start of Thursday’s trading session (19). According to Reuters, the negative result may be justified, in large part, due to investor concern about the low demand of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.


    The apple company cut orders for both models by approximately 50% between the months of November and December. The information was obtained by the Taiwan Daily Economic Daily News with a purported employee of one of Apple’s suppliers.


    The reception of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was much more timid than the launch of the predecessor model; with much smaller queues than expected in major smartphone markets. It is possible that Apple will be able to overcome the unfavorable situation with the arrival of the iPhone X, whose first deliveries are scheduled for November 3.

    the low demand of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

    The apple company cut orders for both models by approximately 50% between the months of November and December. The information was obtained by the Taiwan Daily Economic Daily News with a purported employee of one of Apple’s suppliers.

    The reception of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was much more timid than the launch of the predecessor model; with much smaller queues than expected in major smartphone markets. It is possible that Apple will be able to overcome the unfavorable situation with the arrival of the iPhone X, whose first deliveries are scheduled for November 3.


    Softbank will invest US $ 1.25 billion in Uber, which is preparing to open capital

    October 16, 2017


    In 2019, Uber will open its capital. But before that, Softbank decided to invest US $ 1.25 billion in the privately owned carrier, after an agreement reached between the Japanese financial institution and the company’s board.


    As part of the agreement, it was agreed that the bank will buy between 14 and 17% of Uber shares, and the investment will also have the Dragoneer group, which specializes in this type of business. Also, Softbank and the investment company will buy shares of other investors and Uber employees in order to reach the desired percentage of shares. With the contribution, Uber was valued at US $ 60 billion.

    According to the company, “the board met and took a big step forward in the journey so that Uber becomes a company open worldwide.” The company also approved “to move forward with Softbank’s agreement and is unanimous in the decision to bring a new governance system under the leadership of Dara and the great guidance of the board”, showing great expectations for the future of Uber.


    Samsung Electronics shares jump on South Korean stock exchange

    October 16, 2017


    Samsung Electronics, the electronics component division of the South Korean company, posted a 4.5% rise in its shares following the opening of the trading session in Seoul on Tuesday (5).

    The increase in stocks is the biggest daily percentage gain the company has gained since October last year.

    The positive result is due to the high expectation from analysts, who foresee the increase in earnings in the third quarter of 2017, especially in the area of memory chips from Samsung.

    Another company that stood out in the South Korean stock market was SK Hynix (the second largest in the sector, losing only to Samsung), which saw a 4.3% increase in its shares, which represents the highest intraday percentage gain since August 14.


    Nintendo shares hit highest in 10 years

    October 16, 2017


    Nintendo shares rose to their highest level in 10 years on Tuesday (11). Near the closing of yesterday’s trading session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company traded its shares for the equivalent of US $ 392.70 – accumulating a high of 1.47% on the day.


    The rise in the value of the Japanese company’s stock, however, is not new and has been occurring since the beginning of this year. Only in 2017, the papers valued 77%, a reflection of the great popularity of the Nintendo Switch.


    The video game has become the brand’s fastest selling device, smashing the all-powerful Wii, Big N’s best-selling console to date. The high demand for the hybrid has made its stocks depleted around the world, prompting consumers to step into gigantic waiting lines to have their Switch.


    To ease the pain of waiting, this week Nintendo has finally revealed that it will increase the videogame production capacity to two million units monthly.


    The Asian company has also adjusted its forecasts and has now said it expects to sell 20 million Switch by the end of 2017 – 7 million units more than the 13 million initially forecast.

    Also contributing to the good mood of the market and shareholders are the first rumors that the Japanese are about to launch the Switch in China.


    Netflix shares traded at $ 200 for the first time in history

    October 16, 2017


    Netflix plans and strategies to win more market are pleasing the market and its investors. Proof of this is that on Friday morning (13), the company’s papers were traded for $ 200 for the first time in history.


    The high follows the disclosure of expectations of Goldman Sachs in relation to the numbers that Netflix should present next week. According to the financial group, the streaming platform should report earnings higher than projected for both the third and fourth quarter of the current fiscal year.

    Goldman Sachs forecasts, of course, left the stock market euphoric and in the early hours of trading today, Netflix’s shares jumped to a record $ 200 mark. Interestingly, the record comes just days after the service announce an increase in the value of signatures in the United States.

    Outside, the basic plan will go from $ 9.99 to $ 10.99 monthly; while the most complete, allowing 4K transmissions, goes from $ 11.99 to $ 13.99. Here in Brazil, the last Netflix price readjustment occurred in July of this year.

    Ao término do pregão desta sexta-feira (13), ações da Netflix eram negociadas a US$ 199,49


    Although the news did not sound right in the ears of consumers, it pleased Wall Street, as was evident on Friday morning. At the time this news is written, Netflix shares ended the daily trading session of the New York Stock Exchange and traded at $ 199.49 – up 1.85% from the previous day.

    financial market

    How tendencies influence stock prices

    October 6, 2017



    Macroeconomic Variables


    The development of economic growth, employment rates, inflation; the construction of advantageous international trade and the stabilization of prices are some of the macroeconomic factors that directly influence the actions of the stock exchange. And for each of these factors, the market reacts in a different way.

    The rise in interest rate; the gradual increase in inflation and even international crises; are directly related to the fall in assets in the stock market.

    On the other hand; the growth of the economy manages to raise the value of the shares, since there is the GDP growth and the market gets warmer. Curiously, the national crisis scenario can also positively interfere with asset growth; since after a major downturn there can be a generous rise.


    Sectoral variables


    When investing in an action;  it is essential to analyze the expectations. Although the economy goes well or poorly, each area behaves differently and there are sectors that grow very heavily in crisis scenarios.

    Therefore; it is very important to have a sense of what the growth prospects are for the market of a particular company and what can affect this evolution.


    Market variables also influence stock prices


    As it could not be;  everything that specifically affects the investment market will therefore influence the direct value of the shares. As an example; we can mention the increase of taxes and the changes in the standards for applications as factors that can both motivate and discourage the investment market.


    Company behavior


    This factor is strictly related to the chosen actions. It is always important to be aware of both the elements that influence an organization’s finances; such as changes in product prices or indebtedness, as well as changes in the expectation of future business and shareholder structure.


    Invest or open a company? Are you on the right path?

    October 6, 2017



    “Constantly ask yourself how you can do things better and keep wondering.”


    Elon Musk


    Economic crisis, inflation and mass unemployment. We have faced a number of problems in the country. And a new question, about what to do for the future in the face of this scenario of instabilities, appears with force. “Is it better to invest or start a business?”, Many people ask me this, regardless of whether they are working or not.

    After all, searching for new sources of income has become the biggest concern of Brazilians because of two new needs: security and stability in their finances. And who does not want that, does not it? In this article I will explore the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the two investments, whether opening a business or making financial investments.

    In this way, my intention is to help you in this difficult task of deciding about your tomorrow with assertiveness and efficiency. And remember: if you got here, we already have the same goal: to earn more and more money. So, make the most of reading and we will go with great success!


    About having a business …


    Many people dream of undertaking to have freedom of schedules, to make their own decisions and to enrich themselves quickly. However, things do not exactly work that way. Being an entrepreneur consists of working much more than eight hours a day, sacrificing holidays and weekends, and often not taking a vacation.

    According to Sebrae statistics, several businesses close their doors in the first two years of life. Therefore, in the doubt between investing or starting a business, first think hard. Is this what you really want to do? Is it what will bring you personal fulfillment? Understand your expectations and, if this is your dream, make it happen.

    Franchises are the business models most sought after by entrepreneurs. This is because they are tested before they go to market and, in fact, work. In many cases, the owner also needs to follow up, but betting on solid business can be a very interesting option.


    Now, if you want to start a business from scratch, consider your likes and dislikes.


    Identify your greatest skill, main hobbies and see how to bring it all to a product or service that caters to people. After this survey, investigate whether the idea will fill a demand and, if so, you will be on the right track; )

    But, keep in mind that every decision is risky. Always respect your investor profile and follow safely.

    … and make financial investments


    On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to just repay your capital and you are not passionate about a particular business, between investing or starting a business, the best alternative may be in financial market investments. You will need knowledge too, of course, but in a much quieter and less head-heavy manner.


    And why do I say that? Investing in a franchise or other business carries a much greater inherent risk. And losing everything. Profitability, in the same way, is perhaps much lower than expected. Already in the financial investments, with a good knowledge, it is possible to gain much more. Not to mention greater security, liquidity and less dedication of time.

    There are several types of financial investments, starting with fixed income and variable income. In the former there is usually lower profitability, but offers guarantees for the investor. As for the second, the chances of obtaining satisfactory results are much greater. And the great advantage of all this is: to be able to diversify. That is, set up a portfolio with multiple investments to balance profits and minimize total risk.

    Good stock

    Tips for Choosing a Good Stock Portfolio

    October 6, 2017



    Knowing how to select the stocks in which to invest is fundamental to achieving greater profitability. This is because the impact of these decisions on your financial freedom is very large, especially in the long run.


    So, I’ll help you choose a good stock portfolio. And show what you should be aware of when evaluating the performance of companies before investing.

    The objective is to identify institutions that demonstrate growth over the years and that surpass the Bovespa Index. After all, the average of this indicator corresponds to the most traded shares on the stock exchange. But among them, there are also many corporate assets that are not well. That is, a greater negotiation does not mean a greater profit.

    It is important to know that stocks that have a good outcome, even with write-offs during periods of crisis, recover quickly. And in this post, you’ll see this and a few more practical examples of companies that make good investments and those that you should keep away from. Check it:


    Important Questions for Choosing a Good Stock Portfolio


    When stocks go up without stopping, even after a downturn, they evidence the solidity of the corporation. Already when they fall a lot, but the company is financially healthy – profit (and revenue) are growing and the result, in numbers, only improves – there are excellent opportunities to buy assets at a great price.

    These are two major guidelines that you need to consider when choosing a good portfolio of stocks. When the company grows, so does its quotations. While in times of crisis in the financial market, even good companies fall because of panic. But, this may be the chance to achieve quite satisfactory profits up there.

    Focus on the long run.

    The bag has a rising and falling natural, is part of its nature. In this way, look at the downturns as a propitious moment to buy good stocks for a price more in account. Review their history and give preference to those that took up to 1 year to rebuild. Good assets recover easily.

    And for this particular post, our columnist Gustavo Rigon, who also specializes in Stock Exchange, gave a green light to quality companies, market leaders, with a great history and duly priced (expensive). Follow our signs and see what the best or worst market opportunities in the topic to follow.


    Green sign: companies worth investing in


    WEG: If you are looking for a conservative company, and you will not be disappointed, this is WEG. Possibly, this is the best company in the country. It manages to deliver results, year after year, even when competing with world giants. The problem is the price: who is a partner of hers hardly “burns” their stocks at a banana price. Price volatility is minimal and at some point the opportunity to buy WEG assets for R $ 15: Buy!


    MDIA3: M. Dias Branco is awesome! It dominates the northeast and has been growing exponentially in the rest of the country as well. It’s the ONLY food business really good. When a specialist suggests buying Brfoods or JBS do the following: compare any callsign with MDIA3. I guarantee the food giants will seem like a big bad joke.


    LREN3: Renner stores are by far the most prominent institution in their sector. A kind of Banco Itaú retail with a spectacular management. What’s even more astonishing is the commitment to constantly reinventing yourself to stay ahead of your competitors. Even having already conquered this place.


    ITUB4: The most attractive company in the stock market and the final point. It is a kind of market consensus. And I confess that I have an aversion to this kind of statement because 99% of the time it is wrong. However, in relation to Itaú it is very unlikely that it is. It is, to me, the most obvious call of the Bovespa and it does not have to be a genius to realize it. Itaú is not only the most profitable bank in Brazil, it is also the world’s bank. The only one acceptable to have in your wallet. Besides it, it would be Bradesco – which is already years light ago. And the trend is this income gap only increase between the two institutions.